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yOu mAy thiNk dAt i'M dA kiNd wHo wiLL jUst sit iN OnE cOrnEr aNd Let yOu dEstrOy this eNtity.. loOks mAy bE dEcEiviNg.. i've bEen tO a bAttLe bEfOre, bEen stRuggLiNg fOr sO mAny yEaRs.. i UsEd tO bE aLOne.. uSed tO hidE myseLf frOm aLL Of yOu.. i OwnEd a wOrld thAt dOesn"t pErmit aNyOne to jOin.. dEad kiD wiTh diGnitY.. kEep On hidiNg aNd dOesn't wAnt cOmpAny... its likE sittiNg in thE dArkEst cORnEr of thiS cRueL wOrLd... lifE sUcks if yOu sHarE it wiTh OthErs.. thOugh i wAs liviN' liKe a hELL befOre, thEre wAs stiLL a timE wEr i wAs sO thAnkfUL tO the cReatOr fOr lettiNg mE be a pArt Of his cReatiOn... "bARed On yOur tOmb i'm a pRay fOr yOur loNelineSs aNd wOuld yOu eVer sOOn cOme abOve uNtO mE fOr oNcE upOn tiMe On thE viNes Of yOur lowliNess.. i cOuLd aLways fiNd thE riGht sLOt fOr yOur saCrEd kEy..." im yOur nyMphetAminE giRL... peOple loVe tO hAte me.. wiShiNg to sUccumB liKe leAves tHat faLL in aUtums,!,! siMpLe yEt uNiqUe.. dEy sAy i'm tOo vuLnErAbLe aNd yEs i wAs.. i hAtE rEjEctiOn.. bEhiNd thAt sWeet sMiLe wAs a dEad kiD whO' afRaid Of rEjEctiOn..

Who I'd like to meet:

tAong nAtUraL.. mRunOng rUmEspEtO, simpLeNg tAo nA mAy pnGaRAp at pRinsipYong pinAnghAhawAkAn... tAong mRunOng mAgphALagA sA gAnDA ng bUhay <----- kUng merOn kA nitO edi mErOn kA... wLa Lng ibg sAbhin ASTIG KA CHONG!!!,